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Discussion in 'EntropiaPlanets Wiki' started by The Stare, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. I don't seem to be able to login to the wiki with my EP credentials. Is it a separate account?
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    Yep, working on the site doing upgrades and other stuff. The wiki bridge (that lets you automatically login with your forum credentials), is gone for a while. Read here:

    You should be able to edit the wiki still, it will just add your IP instead of your name as the one that made the changes and you will get a question before the edit goes trough.
  3. Thanks :)
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    Hey, it looks like the little pencil thingy was not working, so removed that.
    I was able to edit the maturities though. go to this page:, click on one of the maturities to go the that page and click the little pencil thingy at the bottom. you will get a question you need to answer (it is Feffox) before you can save.
  5. I keep getting this error when trying to add a new maturity.

    The specified target page Creature:_ is invalid.

    I'm including a scan of the L4 Longtooth Adolescent I've been trying to add.

    Longtooth L4 Scan 2016_08_17.png
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    mmm, I got the same error when adding a new maturity, but added it the old fashioned way.
    You should be able to edit the maturities already there. I hope this problem will be over soon.
  7. Thanks again... I did manage to edit the entry you added. On the main Longtooth chart, the adolescents do not show as Level 4 & the Mission Points should be 0.
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    yeah that table can take a while to change, that's a cache thing, I see the level 4. The mission point I see too. If you want to force the cache to clear you can click the clock on the top right and click OK when it asks you to clear the cache, you should see the changes show up right away.
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    Easy wiki login it back, meaning you are logged in automatically when you log in to EntropiaPlanets. Also Editing should work smoothly again. And the edits lost during the maintenance period have been restored. Thanks for your patience and for contributing to EP Wiki :)
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  10. I have tried updating the wiki with some Next Island creature stuff - trying to correct the maturity levels and add some loot. But none of that seems to work. Where I tried was on Yellow Papoo Young - should ve lvl1 and have stamina 1. Also tried adding loot, but it doesn't appear. What am I doing wrong?
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    @Crazy Fish
    Fixed the maturity table for you, one of the remains of the previous server. It might take a while for the change to go trough, with cache and every creature maturity that has to be updated. Made sure the Yellow Papoo works

    The loot table was pretty much Beta when we were working on it and to be honest not much has changed. It seems to work when you use the popup, but it adds every loot to the list twice, so no idea what wrong there at the moment.
  12. I didn't realise the changes would not be immediate. I will continue to update the Next Island mob details that I know of.
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    The stuff you change might not be visible in the tables right away. But you can force the cache to clear by clicking the clock on the top right of the wiki, this should push trough the changes.

    But I was talking about the changes I made to get rid of the error, that would have taken a while, also go a email from the host telling me the server was at 92% of its processor power, so something was definitely happening :)
  14. Is there any way to remove Creature Maturities that are no longer valid? The old Next Island Maturities, for example "Leader". The Next Island creatures now seem to follow the Calypso maturity ranking, rather than their old Next Island rankings.
  15. I have been updating various creatures main details - adding "Destination", and movement, aggression, sweatability and other things. I'd like to see this wiki have a similar level of accuracy as entropedia (I update that too, and also use it as a source of information for my Entropia Information android app).
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    There is, yes, but I don't think a 'normal' user can delete pages. Might be able to give you some rights, let me discuss that with the other people in here.
  17. I have been adding locations for creatures on Next Island, and I found that the Min level and Max level fields only allow 4 characters, so are too small to enter "Young", "Mature" etc.

    Also - is it possible to have a map for creature locations on NI? I see there is one for Arkadia.
  18. RAZER

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    The Min and Max level field is meant for the actual level of the creature (the one above it when you target it).
    A map is a difficult one, can not promise you much right now, but we will have a look. The software to make the map is updated and should work better now, just did not try it yet.
  19. I have tried uploading an image for a creature, but I get the warning 'Could not create directory "mwstore://local-backend/local-public/0/00".'
  20. RAZER

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    Another one of the hickups from the server migration I guess. Will have a look at it this weekend.
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