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    I'll start by saying something not so much I wish for but I like from the creature page was the clear inclusion of the location map that ALSO included the missions and the LOCATIONS of the mission givers. That is ace!
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    The map we now have on the creature page (not yet on all of them) is a temporary solution (we hope). There is software in development that would make it a lot easier to have a map on the wiki, but we will have to wait for that a while longer. But it is indeed a lot better then having no map at all :)
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    what map extension you watching Razer?
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    That would be either Leaflet 0.8 (which might be called 1.0) or OpenLayers 3.0. Those should be easier to get into the wiki with custom maps.
  6. What would be required to make Weapon Compare and Armor Advisor tools based on the EP databas?

    You'd need the weapon, amp, scope/sight and enhancer stats and flags indicating what can be attached to each type of weapon. I assume the tool itself would provide all the calculations for attachments, skill, enhancer contributions to the final stats rather than the database....

    Is the current data structure and API sufficient to create these tools?
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    You are right neil we need to make sure that our weapon pages have an amp attachement type selection,


    I know that Eric is working on a rough prototype now,

    I think you have me on skype, hit me up if you want to have real time input as well :)

  8. I myself have been using the Skill Calculator for the last 1152 days (yes love Excel) and if you added the full functionality of the skill scanner integration I would easily switch over.
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    The API can provide any data available in various formats such as JSON or CSV, alternatively complete content and features for embedding in iframes. Fetching data should be the smallest issue and there are really many ways to do it, for the data it doesn't even matter where it is used. For example, on this page Narfi experimented with data for a mobile app iir:, it has query (anyone can edit) with armor sets displayed in a table on the page and below the same query (anyone can edit) just as link to a CSV file.

    The data structure is probably sufficient but small changes could make the process easier, and potentially applying those small changes should be relatively easy too. Anyone looking into it can do that, no coding skills required.

    The data is far from complete, so that's something to address, which can be done on demand and shouldn't be much of a problem either.

    Everything that makes sense to be pre-calculated can be calculated on the wiki, and that depends on the use-case I guess. For example if you want to enable the user to enter custom markup values to calculate cost/use for a weapon you need the the base decay and not an already pre-calculated cost/use value.
    Theoretically it would be possible to save formulas in wiki templates too for use on the wiki or by external tools, and in case of changes wiki editors could edit the formula instead of a developer the code of an tool.

    For very basic use-cases for an on-wiki tool some advanced wiki editing could be sufficient, due to the fact that the classic wiki approach means that users cannot only edit cells in database tables but also edit structures, forms, templates, queries and such without any coding skills.
    For more elaborated features coding skills would be definitely needed, for an on-wiki tool at least javascript experience, for an external tool merely using the data skills depending on the platform.
    The advantage of an on-wiki tool would be: less skills required, collaborative editing, many features already provided by wiki modules, open source code, properly licensed.

    So the basic question is: what should such a tool (or any tool/feature) be able to do exactly (and what not)?

    As a little example: I, completely lacking any coding skills, was able to get something very basic done within an evening, using standard features of the wiki:
    setup checker.png
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  10. Amber Knightley

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    Hi, can we please do something about this Huge list?
    I have a hard time finding what I'm looking for!
    One suggestion I have is to collapse missions that are within one chain and make them expandable upon request/click. This way the list would be much shorter and it would be easier at least for me to find what I'm looking for.
    Will let you know if I can come up with other improvements!
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  12. Tass

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    Ok, 1st version of Filter view and Drilldown view available now. So what exactly to drilldown and filter on?
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  13. Amber Knightley

    Amber Knightley I see dead people.

    I see you made some more changes and it is now way less confusing!
    I really like this, I guess it was the drilldown view that you went for in the end?
    I also really like the category list to the right there, but that one took a while for me to figure out that it only contains ROCKtropia missions and the rest of the categories is different list of teleporters.

    Anyway what I'm talking about is this page

    Another request I will make now is that we make more use of the lovely map you added to the page.
    First I would like us to do the same for the pages where we list teleporters :)
    Though I've been thinking, is it useful to have these big maps above the list that you try to filter?
    What if we had two tabs on one of these pages, one tab with the list and one with the map so its easy to switch. Obviously nothing should reload when you switch tab (AJAX) so that your filter isn't reset when you have a look at the map. And also it would be neat if you could hide/show the filtered result on the map.
    Still not 100% convinced if it should be tabbed or not... But one can only find out if one try :)
  14. Tass

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    Oh, well, my PHP & JS skills are developed enough to tell the one from the other but not really much further. Otherwise this would probably be the coolest wiki on the planet, lol. But I'll see what I can do.

    (If someone with PHP and/or JS skills is reading this... ever considered looking into mediawiki development? :android_borg:)

    For example, the pages with Special:BrowseData are enabled by an open source extension, there are a couple of configuration parameters and I was able to customize a couple of things but I'm lacking skills to do much more.

    I've removed most of the categories appearing in that sidebar because indeed that was confusing, it contained only Rt mission plus TP categories because the browsing feature isn't done yet for other data. What I did is turning the sidebar into tabs and once everything is done there should be one tab for each major category (Creatures, Items, Missions, TPs, ...). So... tabs or sidebar?

    Another thing I've changed is some kind of tagcloud-style thingie for the filter values, meaning values with a lot of results will be in big letters, values with only a few results will be small, etc. Best to be observed there: Not sure whether that makes sense at all?

    And another option we have is the threshold before the number of filter values is turned from clickable text snippets into a single dropdown field. That can be observer there (Mission Chain parameter is tagcloud style text snippets while Creature parameter is drop down with autocomplete): So the options are: clickable text snippets (with or without tagcloud style) only, dropdown fields only, or a mix (current setting) with a threshold defining when a parameter will have the one or the other.

    No, all of them, lol. Only kind of done for TPs yet:
    And next I'll have to look into the map I guess :eek (2):
  15. Amber Knightley

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    Tabs is good, gives more room for content!

    I don't like this style, it gets to cluttered and hard to get an overview. But yes some things gets more focus where before it was a lot to scan through. But what gets focus is not necessarily what I'm looking for.

    I think I like the dropdowns. Easy to find what I'm looking for if I know how it is spelled since it is in alphabetic order in that list :) Though with this one I miss the total numbers within parenthesis... Which is neat with the text links.

    Before you move on to work on the maps, even though I'm looking forward to them :) I suggest that you figure out why the mob links etc. aren't working on this page but they do work on the more traditional list
    So we have special browsing features but the data looks broken when I can't click on things :(
  16. Tass

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    Removed the tagcloud-style, and found a workaround for wiki markup and html in text properties appearing as plain text.

    Regarding dropdown vs clickable text snippets, the text snippets are in alphabetic order too. They might be helpful for a more explorative browsing style, for example the display of the skills rewarded by missions. And they are probably easier to use than dropdowns when there are just a few options, for example for mission scope: Hunting, mining, carafting, exploring. So... maybe keep both dropdown and snippets but lower the threshold when the number of filters keeps growing, and review it when the browsing interface is done for more categories.
  17. Amber Knightley

    Amber Knightley I see dead people.

    Things looks nice now :)
    Now the data gathering can start...
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    Amber Knightley I see dead people.

    Awesome! So I'm currently updating the RT TPs and ran into a problem, how do I handle multiple TPs with the same name? i.e. we have this TP on RT as well, but according to this wiki it is on NI, hehe.
    And then we currently have 3 TPs with the same name on RT...
    Also how can I upload maps with better quality and without the TP dots in the picture?
  19. Tass

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    I'd suggest disambiguation like Wikipedia does, example Teleporter:Club NEVERDIE. 3 with the same name sounds strange.
    Aah, usually you get to the file page by simply clicking the image, doesn't work for those maps because they are not embedded in the regular way. Here's the file page for the Rt map:, towards the bottom there's a link saying "Upload a new version of this file", rest should be self-explanatory.
    I've put the maps in a Category:Wiki maps so they are easy to find and will try to get a link to the file page on each page with a map.
    In general files can be found in various ways, the ones you've uploaded yourself appear under "Contributions" (top menu bar with the user name & search box), there's also a gallery of files sorted by date with search options, and a couple of more ways...
    I do have some maps with higher quality too (not the new 'Rt' tough) but the disadvantage would be longer page load time due to bigger file size. Something we have to consider.
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