Will pay somebody to teach me how to make 3$/hour

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  1. i am looking for a pro to teach me how to make 3 $ / h on Entropia , i am ready to give nice money and more if you can teach me how to make more than thas ...

    skype : joeturcotte.g

    msn : himpex.sellmanager@gmail.com
  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    how many hours a day or week?
  3. Up to you , just teach me
  4. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Deposit 500$

    Stand at foma buying ores for 3% under auction prices till all your ped is gone.
    TP to Calypso and auction them in appropriate size stacks for 1% over market history and log off.

    Once the items sell, go back to foma and repeat.

    after fees and travel cost you should be making about 2% profit.

    500*.02 = $10

    So you need to figure out how to do that all in a 3hr period to make your $3 an hour.

    Or go with $1000 deposit and be able to do a cycle in 6hrs.

    Its boring as heck, and there is competition.

    Entropia is not designed for us to make money, so of course its not going to be easy.

  5. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Mine in areas with an average of 140% or better markup.

    You will average 90% back tt * 140% = 126% return

    That means you need to be able to cycle 120ped an hour mining and have confidant in the area you are mining in as well as enough ped on your card to get that real average.

    I would guess you would need closer to 2-300ped an hour and be in a good area though to be more realistic for your $3 an hour.

    Remember most people loose, you have to be very good and very efficient at what you do to profit.
  6. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Purchase an adj/imp/mod fap and run a medic service.

    Initial investment $2500, $10,000, or more.... (plus a small purchase of skills to use them, they dont require alot though)

    Charge $3 an hour, or whatever you feel you need to cover your down time as well as your medic time.
  7. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Purchase 10 CLDs and log in 1hour a week to collect the $3+ dollars they bring in.
    Initial investment around $1,200
  8. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Purchase 2 Quads, 2 Thrusters, and oil
    Initial investment around $50-$100

    Run taxi service with 3 passengers at a time.
    You+1 in the first quad, and 2 passengers with one of them flying the second.

    About 1hr flight between planets with some prep work.
    Costs about $.5 each in oil, fees, and decay so 1$ total.

    You would need to charge 10ped each passenger to make $2.9 an hour, but you would have alot of down time finding groups that big who want to travel.
  9. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Purchase a unique/rare blueprint that crafts an item in high demand.

    Investment cost $100-$1000
    Skills needed would cost you another $100-$1000 or more.
    $1000+ needed to purchase supplies.

    Suppose you can make 1% profit after purchase of resources and auction fees and loss in tt value to MA while crafting.

    $1000 * .01 = You need to be able to do a cycle in 3hrs.

    Log in.
    Buy the resources needed. (or have orders in auction so they can be purchased while your offline)
    Craft what you need and hope you dont loose big time.
    List everything you crafted in auction.
    Log off for a day or 5 till they sell.
  10. narfi

    narfi Lost

    If you have an amazing connection speed, decent computer and great hand eye coordination.
    Play in the Hub at Cyrene.

    You win $.02 per kill in the cheapest area so you would need 150kills an hour. (not likely)
    or I think its $.80 per kill in the most expensive one so you would only need 4kills an hour. (also not likely, I dont think there are many players in that one, but not sure since I havent been there yet.)

    Most realistic is to find one of the ones inbetween those where there are enough people playing to get the kill count you need while still being high enough cost/risk that you can obtain your desired $3 an hour.
  11. Funny that the CLD idea is the cheapest. Though of course, it's not really per HOUR, it's per week :)

    Along those lines, each of these ideas Narfi gave (great ideas, btw) will "max out" at different levels. For example, with the ore buying, the limiting step will be selling off your ores on auction. If you make contacts with big miners and have fair prices, you'll eventually be able to buy tens of thousands of peds worth of ores in a very short time. But you'll have to wait some time while those sell off, and remember that there is a 30 auction limit per person per planet. Selling directly to crafters might help you get around that bottleneck.

    With the healing service, you can work all day, as long as you can find clients. I don't know if that's difficult or easy.
  12. Good ideas narfi :) I'd go with the fapping one (I am a fapper), mod fap you can charge about 8 $ an hour really, recoup is the only problem as it is so freaking expensive...

    CLD's are not really the best idea I think, not a steady sum that..
  13. Narfi , will you contact me on msn or skype plz ?

    I will like to have your help and i am ready to give you some money for it ...

    I want to create a online compagnie in this game ... In thailande the minimum salary is 1 $ / h , they have gamer all around in internet shop ...

    So i will like to create a model for a team up to 10 player ... If you can help me to set all thas i will give you a nice share of the monthly revenue or some clean cash on neteller ...
  14. i could have 3 trader and a taxi driver ? and they travel around at low cost ?

    i really want you to contact me

    skype : joeturcotte.g

    msn : himpex.sellmanager@gmail.com
  15. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    One question, have you actually played the game yet. I mean get in the game and talk to people and figure out the systems.

    You can put in 100's or 1000's of dollars, but if you do not know the game and the mechanics of it you will loose it all pretty quick.

    And even though the suggestion by Narfi are good ways to make a bit of money, I don't think this game is for making and hourly income. You invest a long time and then take out a substantial amount (if you play it right) which would cover the hours you have spend. You have to look at it over time and not by the hour.
  16. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    If your looking to set up a company in game. Another option for you would be something like this:

    That was basically a business. The idea is to buy at TT price (I'm hoping you know what that means :-) ) and sell at markup. See many players in game including myself sell their loot to TT and don't have the patience for placing items on auction.

    So, basically you offer a service to buy their items at TT price. You sell those at markup on auction. The profits you share back from people who you bought from and keep some profit for yourself. Sharing profit with people who sell to you means you get repeat customers and more customers.

    If you were to run something like that I'd change a few things that would make tracking easier but that is one good business because it's scalable. So as you expand you can have more workers/players. It's basically repeating the same thing over and over. Could even expand onto other planets.
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  17. Nice one Gorge , will like to have a chat whit you
  18. I like all your comment ty for the help !!! keep posting !!
  19. narfi

    narfi Lost

    So your plan is to be able to support 10 people working full time?
    I would guess 40-60hr work weeks?
    Would it be during set hours?(10people at the same time for 10hrs) or in shifts? (4people on 24hrs a day)

    It is interesting to think about.
    Any activity that 10people do hardcore like you would need will affect the markets, which will in turn affect how you can continue.

    With no knowledge of the game, Trading, Medic, or Taxi services are your best approach, and they wont affect the markets much.

    I think it would be fun to try and take 10 new avatars with this sort of dedication and motivation and see how successful I could make them hunting in a team. But the reality is that it is risky and probably not the best plan (at least starting out)

    The game is dynamic, and always changing, the markets are always changing.
    I think the best plan would be to have you (or employ 1 person) to really play the game for 3-6 months and explore all aspects of the game. Treat it like a full time and a half job, play 10+hrs a day and study the forums and guides another 6.

    Grind this avatar up to ~L40 hunting, ~L30 mining and ~L20 crafting.
    This will give you an idea of most aspects of the game and an understanding on how you can use a large group together.
    He can be your main spokesperson for trading once you start, he can be your 'tank' when hunting, etc....
    During this time you should expect to spend 1-200$ a month, so it will most likely not be a time of profit.

    The problem with following any 1 idea that me or anyone else gives you is that the game will change, and then you wont know how to react to those changes without some experience.
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