Win a FULL UL SHADOW + Fi/ra/co Evil + 10Kped for ... 50 PED ticket !!

Discussion in 'Entropian Events' started by helena, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. !!!!!!!! Get Helena's Full UL Tier 1.x Shadow, Fi/ra/co Evil, and 10000 PED for ...50 PED !!!!!!!!

    This event use the ingame event system, and it is an unique opportunity for anyone to win something awesome since a single lucky loot can give u the big prize.


    LA 40, ATROX VALLEY, (23300, 27950) Mobs are medium level Atroxes, tp NW from akmuul



    Sunday the 20th February 2011 ( Yes its soon !!!)


    There will be 3 Steps

    1) Qualifiers,Ticket cost 50 PED and prize is 1 Ticket to semi final for every 8 registered participants
    2) Semi-Finals,Ticket cost 400PED or u can use ticket won in qualifiers, prizes are 1 Ticket to Final for every 6 registered participants
    3) Grand Final, Ticket cost 2400 PED or u can use the ticket won into semi finals:
    1 st price Full UL Shadow F tier 1.x if 30 registered participants, 95% of prize pool if less than 30 participants (70% for first,20% for second,10% for 3nd), if 33 participants, Fi/ra/co Evil is added as second prize.If 40 participants, 5000PEDS are added as 3nd prize, 4th and 5th will get a 2500PED prize and random prizes will be awarded during the final) Max 40 participants.

    Prizes will be handed out right at the end of the event, at the claim marker located (23300/27950)



    Thursday, 17th February at 21 Ma time, 50 PED 1 hour long, highest single wins
    Sunday,20th February, 19 Ma time, 50 PED 1 hour long, most loot wins

    Semi finals

    Sunday,20th February, 17H Ma time, 400 PED 1 hour long, highest single wins
    Sunday,20th February, 20h30 Ma time, 400 PED 1 hour long, most loot wins

    Grand final

    Sunday, 20th February, 22H30 MA time, 2400 PED 1 hour long, highest single wins


    First qualifier ,first semi final and grand final will be Highest single loot, which mean anyone with luck can win the event
    Second qualifier and second semi final will be Most loots rules.

    To take part, register via the in-game Event List (Right Click -> Settings -> Event) or at the land marker (23300, 27950) any time before the event begins.

    i will take part to the event (only the grand final) and defend my set !! Who will beat me?
    If there is leftovers in qualifiers and semi final, people in final order will be offered to buy ticket for next step at discounted rate (prize-leftover):
    sample: if there is 10 registered people in semi final, first one will get final ticket, second one will be offered to buy final ticket for prize =2400ped - leftover=1600Ped: ticket price 800 Ped. If he dont want, the same offer to the 3nd etc...

    I reserve the right to award the full shadow even if the minimum participants is not met, if i feel it that way.

    I reserve the right to ad 1 or 2 50 PED qualifiers

    pm me if you have any questions or if the rules are not clear enough, i will upgrade them


    Your questions, my answers: Q&A

    Q how does one award 95% or other fraction of the prize, when the prize is a full set of armour? split? cash value?
    A 95% of the tournament prizepool = the total amount of cash earned with the sale of the tournaments tickets

    Q There is many tournaments, i m confused, where do i have to register?
    A There is explanation about the 6 created event in the ingame event system:

    ""woot FULL UL SHADOW qualifier1 and ""get FULL UL SHADOW qualifier2 are Qualifiers, see below

    ""ur FULL UL SHADOW semi final1 and ""FULL UL SHADOW semi final2 are semi final, see below

    ""win FULL UL SHADOW GRAND FINAL is the Grand Final

    QUALIFIERS All the qualifiers award ticket for the semi finals
    SEMI FINALS All the semi finals award ticket for the Grand final
    GRAND FINAL The grand final award The Shadow ul set and all the prizes

    Q If i win in the qualifier, can i choose which semi final i will play in ? (most loot or highest single)
    A Yes, you can choose. When u collect your prize you tell me which semi final u want to compete in

    Q Is Fapping allowed?
    A Yes, you can use creativity to win this event, only forbidden thing is to KS or ruining other participants experience by any way (mob train, insults, vehicle train, etc...) I m the only judge and people which will make troubles will be disqualified and they wont be refund.

    Q I have male avatar, idont need that armor
    A If u dont want the set, u ll be offered an amount of PEDS unstead, it will be way under the value of the armor set, but still an ATH !

    Q Is there any guaranteed prize?
    A If there is not enough participants for the Shadow to be awarded, 95% of the money collected via the price of the tickets will be distributed as prizes into the grand final: 70% goes to the winner, 20% to the 2nd, 10% to the 3nd. The minimum participants needed in the rulez for the Shadow to be awarded is 30, but actually i will probably let it go, even if we are only 25/26 minimum
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