Win An All Expenses Paid Dragon Hunt With Narfi

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  1. narfi

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    Help me become a better Businessman and win your choice of a free Dragon hunt or 50PED.
    3 Runner ups will be chosen as well and awarded 10ped each.

    When: From now through Saturday May 21st.

    Who: Anyone may participate from any experience, skill level or planet. (those familiar with the layout of the City of Dreams and the Balistar Apartments will obviously have an advantage)


    I own Booth #2 at the City of Dreams as well as apartment 2E at the Balistar apartments.
    I have been running the booth for a few months and just set up my apartment this week.
    Ur Worst Nightmare has kindly loaned me a shopkeeper to put in my apartment which means that I can now sell from both the booth and the apartment.

    My current setup at the booth which has 11 item slots is:
    1 Shopkeeper (uses 6 slots, but adds 20 items)
    1 Sign for Advertizing
    4 Items on the Counter for Sale
    20 Items in the Shopkeeper for sale.

    Current setup at my apartment is:
    Lots of items placed in the apartment which I cant put prices on.
    10 items in the shopkeeper for sale.

    The current idea is to use the Booth for selling low level weapons and items which sight-seers would be interested in.
    The Shopkeeper in the Apartment would be used for selling high turn over items to local Rocktropans who know it is there. Perhaps mining amps and (L) guns which are used a lot.
    The rest of the Apartment would be my "Warehouse" which people could browse and send me a forum pm request to have put in the shopkeeper for them to buy. (this would help with people from different time zones etc...

    I need help to find out if this is a good approach, or what better way I could set it up would be.
    This includes what items should be at each location, as well as the aesthetic layout of them in each location. Maybe signs, or how to bring in more traffic to the apartment since its "off the road" a ways.

    This is all new to me, I have never owned a Booth or an Apartment before, so I am learning as I go.
    I trade at COD a lot as well as hunt and mine. But I still don't get to meet with everyone playing or know what items they need regularly or may be interested in. This is where you can help me.

    Please let me know if you have any lag issues around Tangerine getting to the apartment, trouble finding the apartment, or any graphics glitches in the apartment itself. I have suffered some of these issues but am playing on a low end computer and would like to know what the experience is like for others.

    Things to consider are;
    1. Should be as simple as possible for me. I like to play(hunt, mine, craft) and chat both, so less time I'm spending moving stuff around inefficiently the more I can do those things.
    2. It should be able to be profitable for me. (selling things for break even or less than what I paid for isnt something I can afford to consider with my RL bills etc..)
    3. Fun for me and fun for those around. (I like this game, and I like helping others enjoy it. A good shopping experience can be part of that)

    At the end of the allotted time, I will chose the best suggestion for 1st place and 3 runners up.

    I may or may not use the suggestions, but it should be a fun way for me to see outside of my little box into how others think I could do it better.


    If you win but don't want to go on a Dragon hunt with me, (maybe you are higher skilled or on a different planet or...) You can choose to just get 50 ped instead, or you can 'Donate' your hunt to another player of your choice.


    The Hunt:
    We will be hunting Lemmy Dragons(young-provider)
    I will fly us to our hunting destination and transport back and forth if the winner ever dies.
    Should last about 1 hour, we will arrange a time that suits both the winner and myself.
    The winner will be supplied with 30ped of ammo and if needed a weapon.
    I will use about 300ped of ammo+gun+amp decay.
    Team settings will be Damage Stack Share.
    We will split all items (guns, axes, attack chips, ESI's, etc...) 50/50
    If for some reason the winners total winnings from the hunt fall below 50ped, then I will give them enough ped to make sure they walk away at least 50ped richer than when they started.

    We should have a fun time and I can make arrangements with the winner to personalize the hunt more to their liking.

    This contest is being posted on multiple forums.

    Good Luck and have fun :)


    This Event is brought to you by the Rocktropia Event Committee
    in association with
  2. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    Woot!! Sounds good!! Just one question.. 4th of may?? Isn't that today?? ;)

    Gl and hopefully the winner and yourself gets a nice fat ATH!! :)
  3. narfi

    narfi Lost


    Ending date is the 21st.

  4. AxeMurderer

    AxeMurderer Master Of Entropia

    suggestions here or in pm?
  5. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Either are fine, public is the preferred method.

  6. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Bump it up :)
  7. Snowwolf

    Snowwolf Snowwolf

    mmm i could provide u with some rare statues and art 4 your booth...well split evenly on the profits?
  8. narfi

    narfi Lost

    2x 1st place prizes of a free Dragon hunt or 50PED each
    malasuerte @
    Aydonis @

    2x runner up prizes of 10ped each
    Ketch @
    Dix Handley @

    Will the winners please contact me for the best way to receive their prizes and to work on arranging the hunt (3 of us now)
    If you are on a planet other than Rocktropia I will work at getting you your prize as soon as possible, but you can understand I won't be making a special trip just to deliver it :P so it may take a week or two.

    I had trouble deciding between these two so awarded them both 1st place :P

    The suggestions have made me think and come up with some ideas loosely based on them both.
    One thing that has changed is that I don't have the shopkeeper I was borrowing anymore, so all transactions out of my apartment will have to be p2p.

    Based on my idea I have purchased a second apartment on the same floor as my first, and will work at making it into a party room. I would like to get some screens with music videos etc.. on them set up, or maybe movies (I think someone was doing that, ill have to look into that) It may take me some time to make the time and implement anything coherent, but I really enjoyed you guys getting my thoughts rolling for out of the box ideas. Once it is setup I will have my 'Warehouse" in apartment 1, my Booth + shopkeeper at COD, and the party room in apartment #2.

    Each will have a sign referencing the other 2, so it will be a 3way cross reference and hopefully draw more attention that way. (eventually I will add shopkeepers to the "warehouse" as I can afford. (unless Im able to buy an affordable shop, then plans will drastically change)

    So for the 1st place prize, I can take you both on the hunt, or give you the peds as you desire, you both win :)

    With 2x 1st place prizes given out, I'll only give out 2 runner up prizes.

    It is always hard to choose winners for events like this since its all up to the discretion of the guy running it (me)
    Hopefully everyone feels I chose fairly and no feelings were hurt since this was intended to be a fun free event :)

    good luck to everyone, and thanks for helping out,

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