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    Arkadia, Next Island and Cyrene did not have a team entered in WOF this year.
    I think it would be great to see all of the new planets entering teams in the future years to show off your prowess.

    For now though, I am here asking for your help. (regardless of what planet you call home)
    The new planets can still participate and band together to show the power behind the players on the new planets in this Universe.
    You can also use this as an opportunity to learn the structure of the competitions and prepare yourselves to put together a team for next year.

    I am on the main team for Team Rocktropia this year, and we can use all the help we can get.
    We have advanced past the first 3 rounds, showing that we are stronger than many Real Life countries, but as players from one of the 'fringe' planets trying to prove ourselves back on the 'home' planet of Calypso, we can use all the help from our allies that we can get :)

    If you would like to participate by helping us out this year please let us know.

    Contact Myself, Dilly, Paul Crystal, Jag, or anyone involved with the team.

    Our next match is Saturday 19:00 MA time. (Each match is 3hrs long)

    STAGE 4 Moblist: Escape From TI


    Hogglo Mature and above: 10 points
    Hispidus (any): 9 points
    Letomie Mature and above: 8 points
    Kingfisher (any): 7 points
    Hogglo Young: 6 points
    Letomie Young: 5 points


    Globster (any) 4 points
    Furor (any) 3 points
    Maffoids (any) 2 points
    Cornundacauda (any) 1 point

    Bonus Mob:

    Combibo (any) 25 points

    To help us with support mobs, just create a team with "WOF Team Rocktropia Support" in the name and kill mobs on the support list, Each global you get will go towards our score. (Names like "WOF Team Rocktropia Support - EntropiaPlanets.com" will work, and can demonstrate your pride in the forum here while helping us)

    If you are a mid lvl player and want to really commit to the competition, you may still be able to get on the Main team for later matches (there is a limited number of slots), just talk to Dilly about this if it is something that interests you.

    As always, transportation to or from the matches from the planet you are on is free on any of my Ships Scheduled flights @ EntropiaTransport.com

    Good luck to all of you rather you choose to help or not, have fun :)

  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Mordell commented on another forum,
    He is right about what it is, on all points.

    This weeks match is at 1900ma time on Saturday.
    Looking for any support we can get :)

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