Work in Progress: Helen Venture’s Walking Stick

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    Helen Venture’s Walking Stick is one of the new Elysian components we’ll be releasing in our next content release. After you’ve taken on Ms. Venture’s Super Epic Hunting Challenge, she wonders if a solid hiking stick would help you on your jungle adventures, and offers you a blueprint for her favorite walking stick. You’ll need the following items to make this, so hang on to these as you hunt:
    2 Papoo Palms
    1 Boar Head
    5 Papoo Teeth​
    Although Helen uses this as walking stick as she hikes through the jungle, other Islanders recognize this as a component, used to build Elysian technologies. Next Island already has one component, the Elysian Power Spheres, from November’s content update, not to mention the Elysian Tech Chips, and these pieces will be used together to create weapons and tools used by Elysians.

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  2. Can it be used as a weapon? :D

    Can it be held? Or has no use except as an ingredient for something else?
  3. cool thing!

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  4. Ok, Ok, I didn't read it fully :)

    But the mission did get me going a bit reading about all the powers it had for us explorers. So yes, I was hoping it would be an item and not a component. :cautious:

    Could you picture my face when it started stacking when crafting it? :what::eek::mad::cry::rolleyes::roflmao:
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  5. There is a definite problem with this one. Its a component bp but on the mission dialog it says its an item. So one of them needs to be change. I would prefer it was an item/weapon :)

    Entropia 2012-05-11 13-58-46-62.jpg
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