Work In Progress: Sorensen’s Stone

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  1. wow more new material? will allt he old materials have uses soon too? I have soooooo much in storage
  2. I second Kitten's post. I have thousands of ped in current materials waiting for a use.
  3. LOL my first thought too. *Another @$^% item!?* I like how things are progressing...but! there are too many items not in use already......something needs to be done about all the items that we have that are not being used now. My storage there is at the breaking point even with boxes.

    Replace items that aren't being used, for items currently needed for bps
    Trade them in to the TT for 10,000%+ their value :D

    I am sure others can come up with better ideas.

    Also, I had hoped NI would start picking up with its population but I don't see it happening. Yes, there has been a new planet and alot of ppl have flocked over there. But NI still needs to do more to have its player base succeed. Missions and new items will not make ppl stay, they will come just for that and then leave again. Maybe have the PP get involved more with its players, hold contests, hunts, and other activities. But hold them so every body can come and enjoy it in all timezones.
  4. add in iron and repeatable hunt missions for the grinders O.O

    kill 500 cyclopes get a mission token

    trade in 10 mission token get a (L) bp 1 click able to make x item or whatever
  5. He fell asleep yet again? Maybe you should move the new arrival area back to the hill with the great view and all? You know, it seems a lot are falling a sleep in the new dark area you call new arrival.

    The good old days when the island was awake:

    Entropia 2011-12-16 09-41-07-56.jpg

    And now days we just sit around and sleep all day:

    Entropia 2012-04-09 13-43-33-83.jpg

    Please stop giving us new stones and crystals. Help your planet grow by giving us blueprints we can use our old items to promote the planet.
  6. I can't help it but agree with everyone above - We've got too many materials already and not enough uses for them.
  7. I partially agree with the previous posts.

    On the one hand, it is true that we have more than enough specific hunting loot and not enough use for it. It is even obvious.

    On the other hand, we have not enough specific mined resources (and not enough use for them) and this might be one of the reasons why the miner profession is not really developed on Next Island.

    If Sorensen's Stone is a mined resource, it could therefore be a nice addition to the planet. If Sorensen's Stone is not a mined resource but is a natural stone (like Nissit...) required to craft a valuable specific item, it would also be an excellent idea in my opinion :)
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  8. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    Sorensen's Stone will be a mined mineral, starting in August, allowing our miners to find unique Next Island materials.

    One thing you've all noticed about the existing loot is that so much of it is set at .01 Ped, which means when you want to make a valuable or special item, you need stacks of dozens of crystals to complete the blueprint. By creating mined items at different difficulties, locations, and price points, we'll be able to offer more and better gameplay for miners and for crafters.

    Like I said on the dev blog (, one of our major development goals is creating fun crafting uses for all the existing loot. You've seen this with the requirements in the last few rounds of blueprints where we've used new items like Lesser Elysia (creating a sweat demand, especially for newbies) in conjunction with existing items like Eudialyte Crystal to create island-specific gear.

    So, any bets on which crystals will be incorporated in August's blueprints?
  9. ohhh great news thank you meg XD
  10. I'm guessing not the crystals we have spent many hours already collecting which are laying in our storage just waiting to be used to try and recap all that we already have spent gathering?

    But with that said, can't wait for the new blueprints in August!! wee!! Any hits yet on what they will be and what BPs will be needed this new mine-able stone?
  11. Hopefully more than just one, and stick in some animal parts
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  12. Hmmm maybe better fix is to raise the TT on a lot of those parts so we dont need hundereds per click? not sure how would go about that though.
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  13. Good to hear this item will be mined. There is not much incentive to mine on NI at this time. We need some good limited crafted items that people will want to use a lot so that more materials can be used up on a regular basis.
  14. It's a summer (everywhere xcept the Oz country and south Africa), less people online on all planets - good time to prepare for the next busy period.

    NI's economy is unique (and not only economy), the foundations are in place - all well thought out and very smart. Now it's time to build on that foundation. I'm sure that's the plan anyway, just throwing in some ideas.

    Ancient Greece needs it's ranged weapon. While you climb up to a hill chasing the cyclops or minotaur there, it decides to wander over the edge and lands down in the valley where you just came from.. think every hunter has experienced this. :)

    Give NI hunters a sling!
    The hard part is where it should fit in the existing (skill)system. Maybe stick it into whips cathegory, or make it use a little BLP ammo and make it use/give BLP skills... or it could have it's very own profession.
    I would prefer the whips - taming will be back soon and whip skills will be very useful (valuable!) again.

    NI armors are super cool, huge thanx! That's only a start, low level UL armor is the foundation, there has to be bigger and/or more specific NI (L) armors besides it. Planet economy needs both to keep players happy and crafters busy. ;)
    We need NI style cold armor for storm drakes, NI burn armor for vulcans, armor for sharks that looks like diving equipment with footguards looking like fins... etc
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