World RallyCross Championships Event 1.1: PACR

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    This thread contains event-specific information about the Port Atlantis City Rally (PACR).
    For general info, please read this thread:
    It is highly recommendable that you read this thread before continuing.

    Starting hour of the races:
    Friday 4th March 23:30 MA time: Preliminary 1
    Saturday 5th March 19:30 MA time: Preliminary 2
    Saturday 5th March 22:30 MA time: Preliminary 3
    Sunday 6th March 21:00 MA time: Main event

    Prizes for the Main Event:
    1st: 125 Ped
    2nd: 50 Ped
    3th: 25 Ped

    Registering for this event can be done here.
    Please add following information:
    - Full avatar name
    - What option you choose (Preliminary races, or entry fee; read main info thread for clear explanation)
    - When choosing option 'Preliminary races, please add which race you want to register to. You can choose all 3 at once, but if you qualify in one of the races, you can not enter the other preliminary races.
    You can also unregister from an event, if for some reason you can't make it to that specific event.
    You can also make multiple posts, for registering (see example below)
    - Firstname Nickname Lastname
    - Option 'Preliminary Races'
    - Preliminary race 1 & 2
    This person is now registered in both events.
    If he qualifies for the main event during 'preliminary race 1', He will not compete in 'preliminary race 2' because of his earlier qualification.
    If however, he fails to qualify during 'preliminary race 1', he will automaticly be registered for 'preliminary race 2'.
    If he fails to qualify on both the races, he can add a new post in this thread, where he registers for the 3th preliminary race, or uses the 'entry fee' option.
    Do not modify your post, if you want to alter your registration, make a new post!

    You will be able to register for every race, until 2 hours before the start of that race!
    This also counts for unregistering.

    The track:
    This is a video, made by me, which shows the track

    Happy practice, and I'll see you at the racetrack.

  2. Looking for marshalls/racing officials to help me out!!
    Looking for sponsors!!
    Big Industries: BIG Industries

    Racing officials:
    Bram Icekiller Yamaha (Organizer)

  3. Registered drivers for Preliminary 1:
    - Andreso Black Highland

    Registered drivers for Preliminary 2:
    - Andreso Black Highland

    Registered drivers for Preliminary 3:

    Registered drivers for Main Event:
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