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Discussion in 'ROCKtropia' started by Wistrel, Sep 24, 2011.

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    So I read about the arctic area on RT and thought it sounded really fun movie tie in then I saw someone flogging tickets there for a fiver and well couldn't say no.

    So just to say right from the outset everything about it has impressed me. Right from the look of the planet from space to plummeting down to a new landscape, 5 mins of hilarious achievments, the cool music and the spooky cathedral I respawned next to and the friendly players with the cool clothing, the CAVES (yes the caves are epic!) and the forest and mountains and the random things you find just exploring around. The place just seems closer to what I feel the ce2 experience should be and the land is designed in a more realistic way to Calypso... well maybe I am just a little over excited as its the first time I've set foot off Calypso. haha I haven't even bothered to find out where the artic is yet - too busy just wondering around. Love exploring!

    Cheers and sorry for poor writing today

  2. Yea I miss the environment of Rocktropia. I really thought NDS did such an amazing job. It was really a great place to just walk around. The only reason i'm not still there is because the mobs are more driven to "killing people" not "hunting creatures". But to me the missions and how he thought differently i hope inspires other Planet Partners.
  3. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I randomly went there last week. It's my first new planet and have to say I'm loving it. I love that I know absolutely nothing about it and am just carreering about randomly exploring on whatever whim takes me. It reminds me of my early days on Calypso but with the added bonus I can use vehicles as and when required.

    I always used to think that vehicles would lessen the exploring experience but now I believe it just makes for more ways to explore. Like real life, if you choose to walk rather than drive of fly you get a different experience.

    Not done Arctic or any missions yet. Think I'm currently around the lemi area. Quite amused by the L4 MASSIVE things! That Level indicator REALLY helps incidentally - I was initially not liking it believing that one should either learn, or be able to make a judgement on how tough a mob is. I still believe it should probably be possible to judge but understand that needs more work. Its actually quite handy.
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