WTS Compet deeds 20 ped each

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Fan_boy99, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. Are the Moon Deeds paying any income yet?
  2. ooooops....
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  3. yes because you can exchange them for 24 ped value in moon deeds

    yes they do in the same way like underground, payout after a full PEC at least

    somehow i don't understand their logic anyways. i mean, i can buy fractions of ammo for less than 0.00 PED, but they can't add the exact payout. must be the fear that we could calculate the profits and/or turnover too exactly for single EU (deed) areas...

    someone else do the maths please, i'm lazy ... but i think to remember for UG that every 40k ped loot is 1 PEC payout, and i guess its the same for the moon.

    and in my humble opinion the current or past payouts tell shit about the future payouts. if there is smuggler/oratan event tomorrow, they will skyrocket. if MA closes their door tomorrow, it's zero. quite simple huh?
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  4. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    If you read the dates of this.....after I ended the sale it was like 2 days after that MA published their ''good deal'' to swap dead deeds for ….erm great deeds. Just saying. The offer was genuine (to Wistrel) but she didn't want them so if you read Sep 15, 2018 … :) (no I am NOT a MA Official and the forum name fan ''idiot'' boy is mild humor.

    I already swapped my dead deeds for great fanastic new deeds that will make me millions


    Fan idiot boy
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