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Discussion in 'Planet Calypso' started by Wistrel, Dec 22, 2018.

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    Conspiracy time! ;D

    So you die right? and this cheerful waypoint stamp appears in chat - super useful and a nice addition:

    Your death location: [Calypso, 40516, 55391, 98, Death location]

    But what does the chat log say? ;)

    2018-12-22 00:12:20 [System] [] Your death location: [position:15$(200/1094/2)$40516,55391,98$Death location]

    Value of the mob that killed you in dolla? ZOMG!! XD
  2. While it was easier to press "P" after beeing killed and simply click it when you reallyneede it, we now get a random map entry, that is not always usefull. Guess omeone forgot a ";" or some "space" in their messy spaghetti code.

    Your post reminds me of the hidden mob IDs and the internal "string" values...I grabbed these from a video that I found on MAs official ftp
    back in the days...

    internal loot_a.jpg

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  3. There are several purpose to this feature,
    and mindark studied all possibilities as they love to do when that's to cheat the players.

    1) Interrupt the teleport chip process, in purpose to make you lose time.
    For sure they know since the original waypoint system was released, that people start the teleport process and after they clic on the map link to know where is the position to go.
    By immediately opening the map when you clic on the link this disrupt the teleport process, and obliges you to do a 2nd tp chip reload = lose double time.

    * The "open map" thing was removed on last patch, unless it was not intended = bug ? I guess tons of people have been complaining about it, but you know when mindark remove a feature they wanted to be in the game because people complained about, doesnt mean it is removed forever, so we might see it back...

    Since mindark introduced stamina regeneration on mobs, tons of features in the purpose to make us lose a maximum of time borned. And after that's mindark who DARE to accuse the players of exploits or cheats, un swedish tradition of hypocrisy.

    2) add waypoint link in the chat when you clic on it, add waypoint when you die, add waypoint when you remove it.
    After a while that's a fucking total mess and you have to scroll up the chat arrows to be able to find the good link.
    This is also made in the purpose to make you lose a maximum of time again.
    Seem mindark have nothing more intelligent to do than systematically use their energy and resources in finding and implenting disgusting features, which one more are the pure expression of what is an exploit.
    "enjoy your experience blablabla..."

    * The sad part, is they are always implementing things in the cheat purpose but forget to update the old system to fit the new one.
    Mindark's goal is not to improve features, but ONLY to add disgusting features.
    ** We can see on this pic the old pos system and the new system (classic mindark to update a feature without adapting it to how it was before = non professional = incompetence =... dishonnest people)
    - - I finally decided not to post the pic, I wont share uber spots with darkaruki anymore, wiki is really filled of wrong datas all the time.
    *** they add "waypoint" at the end of the link, just in case we did not realise it was a ... waypoint
    (sorry, but i cant believe you guys are so dumb).

    3) clic a 2nd time on an existing link is giving the error message
    " Failed to create waypoint. It has already been added. "

    why is this bothering them that we clic again on a waypoint ? No always the same mindark logic to behave like fucking assholes who love to hassle the players (and dont get me wrong mindark, that's YOU who motivate me to qualify you like this, that's not my style to shit on people for no reason).

    Every activity or feature in the game needs to have its "failed" reason : Failed when shooting (where mindark accused the players for years when it was clear it was them band of thieves), when healing (appeared later as mindark had to find a way to make us fail so much it was illogic to fail when shooting), when crafting and mining (true mindark PE/EU is not a gambling game), when harvesting (even it is said that you will get 100% success), not when scanning since scanning was completly destroyed by mindark so they dont care anymore, failed when tiering up (but was removed so much it was CLEAR to be a fucking scam, they are so brilliant when that's to rip off people, but no need to do Harvard for this), Failed when Taming (even with the Unique Eurynome Ring and my L60 Tamer I can do 4 fail attempts in a row, showing that whatever gear you can have is worth shit, when mindark decides you will fail, you fail !).

    Mindark loves to create troubles.

    There is really no police in sweden, or the whole government is completly corrupted ? In the swedish traditi...
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  4. Wistrel

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    haha I wasn't even thinking about the waypoint. I assumed it only became a way point if you clicked it. I guess I was wrong.

    Indeed Mr McC I was thinking about the same pic you posted with the IDs in. I have to admit I was a bit flumoxed by what would cause the strange chatlog output at first glance it doesn't seems to follow any logic.

    Actually, looking again... is it some sort of variable? breaking it up do we have 3 of them?

    ......... ??$-something- $-coordinates- $waypoint_label
    [position:15$(200/1094/2)$40516,55391,98$Death location]

    Not sure how the 15 fits in though? or what the bracketed stuff is...

    I wonder if maybe the 15 is a server square area ID, and the 3 numbers in the brackets are local coordinates within the server square?
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  5. ^^jumped out of sleip near Odysseus Landing.

    ^^killed by a mob near Chimera Canyons.

    ^^killed by a mob near Saba Camp.

    15, 200 and 2 seem to be constant.
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  6. And you can be sure all players avatar names have the same "string number",
    so very easy for mindark to set a lucky or unlucky parameter, and to modify it anytime.

    So when Hijacker who is clearly a very lucky player blessed by mindark but there are many others,
    is telling me mindark can not control your luck.
    I can't believe people are such naive (particularily when you see how greedy mindark are dealing with money).
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  7. Wistrel

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    Someone to commit suicide on another planet ;)
  8. NotAdmin

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    They totally can. And have done so at least once. Remember when LeeLoo hit a gigantic rounded number of an ATH exactly when some TV station was filming? Yeah. If you believe that was random, I have a bunch of stuff to sell to you.
  9. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Must have missed that one
  10. NotAdmin

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