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Northern Amethera, removed PVP4 safe-zones
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Northern Amethera

Official terraforming units have successfully pushed further north from the Shinook Jungle and terraformed large new areas of Amethera. Classified reports leaked from a source within the department claim the initial terraforming units were forced to engage never-before-seen robot support units already busy in the area and heading south east. Colonists are urged to exercise caution when visiting the new areas.

Teleport settlements have been constructed, terminals installed, and many new and unique animals discovered in the new mountain ranges and unique climate zones of Calypso's second continent.

Akmuul Island PvP

Safe zones that existed in the Akmuul Island PvP zone have been overrun by the native Mul inhabitants, making the entire zone an outlaw PvP area.

Information & Interaction Panels

The 'Ctrl + Tab' keys can now be used to select different open panels on your Entropia desktop. Once selected, the various functions of a panel can be selected and initiated using the 'Tab' and 'Enter' keys.

N.B. 'Shift + Ctrl + Tab' to move backwards through open panels and 'Shift + Tab' to move backwards through functions of a panel.


As well as a range of exciting new items and supporting graphics included in this Version Update:

New background images have been added to the Ad System. A number of new crosshair designs have been included in AIM mode (default key 'N' to toggle). The text font used in the Entropia Universe has been enhanced. Several interaction panels, including the shopkeeper have been redesigned. Signs have been installed in Amethera settlements like Omegaton West Habitat to make navigation easier.

The Auction

Mannequins can now be sold on the auction.

When placing an order in the auction, the price may now be specified according to the existing convention: 'maximum markup addition' in PED for unlimited items, and 'percent of Trade Terminal value' for unlimited and stackable items.


The 'Item Sold' message now includes information about which item was sold, where and when it was sold, for how much is was sold and to whom.

The shopkeeper pad (and mannequin pad) no longer need to be activated; simply place the pad on the ground and the shopkeeper appears automatically.

A message is now displayed when a shopkeeper reaches its maximum item limit of 20. When items are removed from the shopkeeper the item count is correctly updated.

Retail prices must be set at a minimum of Trade Terminal value + 1 PED. The Retail Price is updated immediately in the Item Info when the price is set.

Account Security

As part of a continuing effort to raise awareness about account security, a new tutorial has been included encouraging participants to invest in the Gold Card Security System when their account reaches 1000 PED.

Armor & Clothing

Entropia's famous orange arrivals clothing can now be sold or moved to storage. Only one set is ever issued to new arrivals and cannot be replaced. Undergarments received on arrival can no longer be removed from avatars, and are automatically put on when no other garment is present.

The coloring process will now deteriorate clothing. In order to compensate this change, deterioration caused by the bleaching process has been halved.

Condition Limits have been introduced for clothes and armors.

Handheld Tools/Weapons

A limit of 'two tool/weapon changes per second' has been introduced to optimize server prestanda.

Signs, Screens & Displays 'Item Points' information has been included in the Item Info for Signs, Screens & Displays.

Mentors & Disciples

A 'confirm action' panel has been included when a disciple presses the 'kick mentor' button in order to reduce accidental dismissals.

Colonist Security

Due to increasing casualties at Calypso's main landing site in Port Atlantis, cannon towers have been installed inside the main landing zone to protect new arrivals as they step off the shuttle.

A cannon tower has been installed at the revival terminal in Hadesheim also.

Crystal Palace

A repair terminal has been placed at the revive terminals for domes 3 and 4.

New Items

Many new items (on a par with VU 8.7) have been added to the Entropia Universe and are waiting to be discovered. Enjoy!

Music & Sound

Supporting sounds have been included for a range of new items, life forms and more.

Ten brand new tracks have been included to sooth your adventures in the Entropia Universe.

Login Window

The 'Most Sold Auction Items' section has been removed from the Entropia Universe Login Window.


When a claim expires, the type of resource is now also displayed in the message.

Other Enhancements

  • A bug in the corner of small mall shops that caused avatars to sink into the ground a little has been fixed.
  • The Ad Screen on the Service Center in Port Atlantis has been turned around so that sound is projected to the viewer outside and not into the Service Center.
  • Descriptions added to teleporters.
  • Work has been carried out to reduce lag during events.
  • New tutorial messages added for shopkeepers and mannequins.
  • New graphics for PED and PEC coins.
  • Inventory item amounts over 1k now display the full value when the cursor is held over them.
  • It is no longer possible to stand on another avatar's head.
  • Auctioneer in Minopolis.
  • When using televators, the desired floor number can be chosen with the numerical pad on your keyboard.
  • The condition limit for blueprints has been changed from 3% to 2%.
  • Lila lamps intensity has been toned down a little. The Nallo ceiling lamp has had its light changed to a more pleasant glow.
  • Numerous graphics bug fixes and several new textures for existing items.
  • A bug causing avatars' waists to disappear with certain garment configurations has been fixed.

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