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Release Date::2005/11/23
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Animal Taming
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The first stage of the Taming system is introduced. It is now possible to tame certain species of the Calypso wildlife. In order to tame an animal you need to break its free spirit and subject them to your authority and leadership. This is done by using a whip. All tamable animals have three bars showing when they are targeted. These bars show the animal's level of Respect, Spirit and Health. When health and spirit are low, respect is high enough and you have the required taming skills for the animal you may attempt to tame the animal by activating the "Tame Animal" action in the Action book.

If an animal gets hit by another weapon than a whip before the animal has been successfully tamed, it needs to regenerate to full health until you can initiate a new taming session.

Pet Feeding and Trust

When you have succeeded in taming an animal, it will be hungry and needs to be fed with Nutrio bars. You feed the pet by dragging the Nutrio bar on to the animal and dropping it. The next step is to make your pet trust you. The trust will increase when you brush it with the appropriate tool.

Pet Experience and Performance

When the pet is no longer hungry and its trust is high enough, you can try to get it to perform actions (e.g. Greet or Impress). These actions are shown in the Action book under the "Pet" tab. By performing actions, the pet will gain experience. For each level of experience the pet gains, more and more actions will become available.

Please be aware that you will need to take care of your pet and feed it on a regular basis. If you fail to keep it in the appropriate way, it will lose trust, energy and experience.

Note: In this first stage, the pet level is capped to level three. Higher levels will be added in future VU:s.


If you don't want your pet to tag along or you want to logout for a longer period, you need to leave the animal in a stable. To do this you need to find a stable keeper outside one of the cities or towns. You have to stand close to the stable keeper and then you use the stable action from the action book. When a pet is stabled you will receive a pet deed in your inventory. To collect your pet again, you need to approach any stable keeper and activate the pet deed in your Inventory.

If you fail to stable your pet in time, if no one looks after the pet (you leave it or if you are offline) for longer than 10 minutes, your pet will get automatically stabled. If this happens, your pet will lose trust, experience and energy. Please note that if the energy level and experience of your pet is 0 when you desert it, it will die!

If the pet starves while in stable it will lose trust, experience and energy.

The pet deed can be dropped on the ground or sold in private trade to other participants. It cannot be sold in auction.

Pet Death

A tamed pet is currently not killable. This will change in upcoming VU:s.

New Skills introduced

>The skill Animal lore has been added to the skill section.

New actions added to the Action Book

New actions added regarding pets and taming.

Tooltips added

The various stats when examining an item in Items Info view now have tooltips that describes the statistic to greater detail.

Auction updates

Several categories in the auction have been split into more detailed counterparts, including the energy matter elements and the skill implant sections, to allow for clearer browsing.

Limited armor updates

Limited armor and armor attachments have full protection levels until they are unusable.

Elevator repaired The elevator in Omegaton Beta complex has been repaired. Floor nine is once again available.

More scenery

More visual objects and scenery have been added to Project Entropia.

Item count in estates

The item count is now updated correctly.

Estates to Treasure Island

New hangars added to Treasure Island.

New blueprints for tools and weapons added

Taming tools and craftable whips has been added to Project Entropia.

Fixed an issue with armor attachments

It is no longer possible to drag armor platings to the avatar in the Inventory. The platings need to be attached to the armor, before the armor is equipped to the avatar.


  • You can’t repair an item with attachments attached to it. You have to detach them prior to repairing.

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