Entropia Universe Space - "PVP Loot" This was a PvP test in the Entropia Universe to discover exactly what can be looted from where. ...brought to you by the Entropia Universe Directory Stackables were carried in; Inventory, A Container Box and also the VTOL onboard storage. We know normal Lootable PvP rules applied but just wanted to test containers as a layer of safety and also we carried Wielding Wire (the stuff that fixes your vehicle if destroyed). THE RESULT: All stackable were looted from all containers and vehicle storage (except ammo, explosives, probes, cash, etc). The wielding wire was looted from all containers and depper storage holds. So if you die in space no point carrying wielding wire unles its to sell to stranded players. Amar also got a red tag (flag) and a title above his head for killing me in Space = RUDE

NotAdmin, Jan 16, 2012
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    Jan 16, 2012
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