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  1. I decided to create one single image out of my blog, "Content of Oblivion".
    With timeline and additional infos.

    This makes it by far more easy to read then my blog and gives you a nice big picture. :p

    The image dimensions are 28.000 x 3000 pixels and its currently a 18,3 megabyte JPG.

    I already contacted Tass for an exception, to upload it here, but for now, you got to use one of those fancy sharehosters : (image link always up to date...or use mastermesh his link to google photos)

    I try to keep the image up to date, should something go oblivion again...

    Update: 20/10/2019
    Added "The story of Treasure Island" and "The story of Club Neverdie" :

    Update: 23/10/2019
    Added "Hangars"

    Update: 09/11/2019
    Added "Green Fund Finance"

    Preview only:

    content of oblivon 2020 preview.jpg
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  2. Thx @McCormick for the graphic. Now, if only there's a way to put this in EU launcher...
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  3. nice overview.

    there was another planet in the making but never released. i cant remember the name atm. i had email contact with the planet partner back in the days about their release. i think the studio boss left the studio and developed other games in the end.

    was about the time when cyrene got launched.

    unfortunately i dont have the emails anymore...

    i know there was a huge thread about it on pcf. people where discussing if the planet ever see the light and i mailed the planet partner then.

    something „teryon wars“ or so.

    i check if i can find it. it was planned as a scifi themed planet.


    got something. the studio was spaniard blend and they wanted to release theryon wars.

    pdf from MA

    the post of mine from 11-2012...

    and conversation here on ep:

    i know there was a internal fight in the studio which lead to the ceo founded another studio and the project for theryon wars was cancelled then.

    connected to cyrene and theryon wars another promised thing where MECHS and later kim calypso stated that the coding effort for anything with either no or more than 4 wheels would be too high to make them when he looks on all the stuff on his road map. i think the theryon wars developers wanted to make the MECH developement but since it did not happen MA had no time to take over.
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  4. GeorgeSkywalker

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    You also forgot to add hangars, they are there in your content of oblivion but forgotten to add in this
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  5. Thanks for the heads up. But there will always be stuff missing... ;D

    I also dug deep into the Theyron Wars back then...sadly there is not much known about further meetings and/or contracts between MA and Pyxel Arts.

    But for sure another, interesting "partnership", that failed, even if work on the planet had already begun.

  6. Regarding Pyxel Arts:

    Excerpt from an email that I received from Rafael Espinosa de los Monteros Iglesias, CEO of Pyxel Arts, on June 8, 2011:

    “Our employees are playing (and some have played for a long time) in Entropia Universe. We believe it’s important for any planet partner to do so, to check and understand other planets and players’

    The above quote was in response to an email I sent to him asking if planet partners, or their employees were allowed to participate in Entropia Universe with their own personal avatars…

    This is very revealing since Planet Partners determine what items are in the various loot pools…

    19. Once and for all who determines items that drop in RT/NI loot is it MA or NDS (For example if you wanted to add A-3 punisher MKII to drop from Forum trolls is it you guys or MA who would add this)

    We determine which Mobs drop which items, that is essential for game design, we don’t control how or when, so we can’t predict when something will drop

    That sort of ‘insider knowledge’ could be very useful to individuals that work for planet partners using their own avatar to gain a bit of an unfair advantage vs the non-planet partner participants inside of the virtual universe…
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  7. since that old Q&A on Neverdie's site is dead

    I cannot remember exactly but I think that Q&A was on someone else's blog too... I think it may have been Axe Murder's blog or was it Narfis? Cannot find that link immediately...

    either way, the ND quote indicates PPs do indeed have a say in what goes in to the loot pool, which lead to that little scannergate fiasco...
  8. Wistrel

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    Loving the effort that goes into preserving all this old stuff. We've been having a chat about this today at work as digital preservation week is coming up

  9. i remember there was an internal fight between espinosa and ordaz leading to ordaz leaving the studio.

    espinosa then founded a new studio and took some employee with him and sold spaniard blend then to his investors. could be he sold cause had to raise cash to pay mindark cause the planet partner contract broke but i have no proof. its just the only reason why someone would sell a studio to found another then, urgently need of cash cause something out of plan happened... i think theryon wars was like 99% ordaz work.


    the studio espinosa founded then

    ithink 2.5M dollars went to ma. espinosa tells on his linkedin on the pyxel arts infos that he raised 2.5M dollars for project from investors and public sources.
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  10. NotAdmin

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    Why would you assume the money went to MA?
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  11. I did not delete you go again :

  12. cause isnt it about what entry fee to the entropia platform cost?
  13. GeorgeSkywalker

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  14. When I was zooming in, it was patience...I waited for 8 seconds...and it became sharp.

    Hangars is the 6th column. Feel free to add infos. :)

    Update: (Added Green Fund Finance)

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