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Planet Name Theryon Wars
Planet Partner Spaniard Blend
Developer Spaniard Blend
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Release VU
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Theryon Wars/Planet Info Details

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Theryon Wars is a new planet in Entropia Universe supposed to being developed by Spandiard Blend, it's currently not certain whether the planet is still under active development and whether it's still planned to be released.

Basic information about Theryon Wars in this interview: Theryon Wars - An interview with its creators, Pyxel Arts

Detailed information about Theryon Wars in the Q&A: Community Q&A: One Week

Further infomation on the Theryon Wars forums.

General Information[edit]

Official announcement[edit]


  • Spaniard Blend is currently the only Spanish company that has become Planet Partner of MindArk, the owner of Entropia Universe.

Madrid, april, the 14th of 2011.- Pyxel Arts has announced today an agreement with MindArk PE AB, the Swedish company owner and developer of Entropia Universe, to develop a planet through its games developer studio, Spaniard Blend. With this agreement, Pyxel Arts becomes the only Spanish company that currently has managed to become a Planet Partner, the name that MindArk gives to the companies that develop planets for Entropia Universe.

Entropia Universe was launched in January 2003 and has grown to more than 1 000,000 registered accounts from over 200 countries. It is the only virtual universe with a true Real Cash Economy (RCE). The currency, Project Entropia Dollars (PED), has a fixed exchange rate of 10:1 with the U.S. Dollar. The business model is unique as it is based on micropayments, meaning that the client software is free to download from the Internet, and there are no monthly subscription fees, thus Entropia Universe provides a way for new players to immediately start exploring without having to deposit money. Virtual funds acquired in Entropia Universe can easily be exchanged and then withdrawn into real-world funds. The business model has been very successful; The 2010 turnover of Entropia Universe topped $422,000,000.

MindArk provides the Planet Partners with the technology to develop the planets in the virtual world and controls and maintains the platform. Spaniard Blend is going to develop with this technology a planet set in a Sci Fi environment. The players can access to all the planets of the Entropia Universe with a single account and this allows them to go from one world to another. This provides the future planet of Spaniard Blend, a potential users base over than one million.

"We are very proud of the agreement with MindArk and, of course, of having manage becoming Planet Partners. Entropia Universe is a solid platform and we absolutely trust their current and futures possibilities; for us, developing a planet is a challenge and an opportunity and we are going to give the best of us in this project to surprise the players", comments Rafael Espinosa de los Monteros, CEO of Pyxel Arts.

Original PDF file of the official press release: File:Spaniard_Blend_will_develop_a_planet_in_Entropia_Universe.pdf


Theryon Wars - An interview with its creators, Pyxel Arts


Check out the Theryon Wars Forum on, especially the posts by Ordaz, (ex-) COO at Spaniard Blend

Theryon Wars Factions[edit]

Theryon Wars will feature several factions, further details are not known yet.

Theryon Wars Environment[edit]

Theryon Wars Creatures[edit]

Bug Creature[edit]



Theryon Wars Items[edit]

Theryon Wars Vehicles[edit]

Designs based on a "plausible future": "For example, yesterday I was bugging two of our artists who are working on a fighter-sized ship of the other faction. It has no wings, so we were trying to figure out where to put VTOL thrusters, their sizes, the general structural resistance needed for them to work without tearing the ship apart... Then the best location, length and mechanism for the landing gear and the location of the magnetic 'horseshoe' for hi-speed rail launching (we'll see if we can finally craft that!). Even if it's a more fantastic design, we pay attention to those details. Yes, even when it's a variable-geometry wingless lesser craft!And we do it because we can and because you deserve it. Fair?" - Ordaz, Spaniard Blend COO

Deep Space Interceptor[edit]

Further info in the introduction thread Theryon Wars: Eye Candy nr.1
"This is a fighter-sized, single-seat, high-speed, long-range ship.You could say 'deep space interceptor' for short" - Ordaz, Spaniard Blend COO

Anti-Mothership Bomber[edit]

Further info in the introduction thread Theryon Wars: Eye Candy nr.2
"Bigger, slower and packing more punch than the ship you've already seen, you could conceive this 'not-so little beast' as an anti-mothership bomber. The twin cannons near her nose are shorter than those of the Interceptor, intended for shorter-range and slightly faster RoF (Rate of Fire). Atop of this ship there's an special hardpoint, for yet-to-be-seen attached equipment. In this configuration, it's unused." - Ordaz, Spaniard Blend COO

Unnamed Spaceship[edit]

Carguero Freighter[edit]

Cydonia Heavy Industries Cheetah FAV[edit]

Cydonia Heavy Industries Juggernaut truck[edit]

Light Armoured Vehicle[edit]

Light Armoured Vehicle[edit]

Armoured Personnel Carrier[edit]


Further info in the introduction thread Theryon Wars: Eye Candy nr.4

"The torso of this mechanic beast houses its pilot and acts as an armoured cockpit. Granted, it won't be the most comfortable...
Vehicle? Mecha? Power Armor? Well, it's the sum of all three
At this stage, the left arm weapon comes with its own attachment module; this means you can switch guns and also these guns are not mounted, but attached." - Ordaz, Spaniard Blend COO


Further info in the introduction thread Theryon Wars: Eye Candy nr.3

"The Space & Station specialty means these plates, colors and pattern identify off-world based NPCs which, for instance, won't be available as reinforcements for regular surface missions. This kind of pattern (for crafting and customizing) can be obtained as a reward by players who have completed a given Mission Arc lacking direct planetary interaction. Different armor parts (L) can also be acquired as mission rewards at 'Step Missions' (Mission 3/9, Mission 6/9, Mission 9/9) of space-oriented Mission Arcs, as well as Hidden Missions." - Ordaz, Spaniard Blend COO

Other Theryon Games[edit]

Theryon Wars will 'just' be one of several games based on the Theryon IP.

Arcade-style Mini Game[edit]

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